We enter and slaughter a few guards/ techs in the cargo area. But the area has been deserted after the crew obviously surrendered.

we fought through the ship making our way to the prison cells, we busted everyone out but i was seperated with the doc and we made our way to a fighter

weve escaped the battleship now there is a pitch battle between the 2 battleships
(a friendly ship showed up and attacked the ship we were on giving us a chance to escape.)

during the battle before we could make it to the battleship we took a hit and ended up crash landing on a jungle type planet

there was soem beast like man at the ship he started talking to me in some language.
fought them off, it was a pitched battle followed by one coming to “negotiate” he wanted to take us prisoner so they could sacrifice us, but i killed him with a spear throw.


kathagitek akrippler

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