Just then a blink and im in the grass back with grond and kabal.

looks like my job there was finished.

Talk with a bunch of people sleep the night at aurices house

wake up in the morning, talk about more shit
go talk to mathias he gives me books to read and does a bunch of administration

the pearl i have turns faith into a rune its supposed to go into m weapon
but i cant do that so i hide the pearl after we talk through it

faith might literally be a intelligent magical item IE the rune
that fucks m head up

meet a woman mariel outside she wants me to go see her mistress
she is the cousin of the prince of elves
areatha is her name

talk with her
shes nice,
first she wants me to help humans not hold a grudge against the elves in the future.

now she is going to tell me the story of how the races all betrayed the humans
and why they feel guilty about hte whole situation.

lorekai once was powerful
other human kingdoms became jealous of lorekai
one kingdom was second to lorekai and was strong
they were very wealthy for some reason
elves and dwarves tensions began to mount for some reason
a dwarven king came to lorekai to get aid or help if there are any hostilities with elves

lorekai diplomatically refused to take sides on the situation
so dwarves went to another human kingdom Varia (the one we spoke of earlier)
dwarves allied with them


kathagitek akrippler

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