ITs the middle of May Merek has arrived at the tyrants lair.

After a dire battle Merek slays the tyrant, he is able to escape and help people in the city
Merek leaves the tower after slaying the tyrant and wanders the city killing enemies and rounding up slaves
he soon musters a small slave army and meets the main armies
The tyrant is dragged out and the armies rejoice

Another year or so passes the city the tyrant held is going to be used as a trade city by all races

over the year merek marries aurice and faith, irene has another child
Irene has a daughter
Faith Aurice and Lorelei get pregnant again

Around June of another year My brothers and I are all out on a hunt.
I come upon a cottage int he woods and a man walks out from it
its one of the merchants from long ago that teleported me away before.

We talk for a bit when he makes it apparaent he is going to teleport me to a new planet again i tell him to fuck off but hes super powerful or quick or something because i black out and wake up on a new planet
2 suns a huge nearby moon
im on a grassy knoll at the edge of a lake
around the bend on the lake is a tower
theres also a road leading away nearby


kathagitek akrippler

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