That night/ morning of November 3rd

capture the messenger
we question him

he says there are others nearby
he was here to pick up irene and take her to the tyrant
he said theres a gnome here they might hire to kill me
named kithkarik

there is a wizard and 6 other gnolls nearby

kithkarik can be contacted by leaving a message at the 4 clover tavern.
say you want to leave a message for a shadow
you can leave a message in a hidden compartment at the seat he tells you to go ot

have the gnoll tell me where more of his boys are and we sneak around to get to them after
we attack the group, i slaughter the wizard and a few gnolls fall to the three of us
all the sudden a bright flash of light and im in some sort of dark room with humming

i hear voices outside the door sounds like someone demanding something
and they are threatening them
the door opens and i see a serpment man my old enemie from long ago
i lunge at him and kill him then some of the others after a pitched battle
the rest retreat

i am left to talk to their hostages, seems like im on a ship, in space
they are the crew
there is a woman named Carmen Cousland
im sure thsi is a descendant of mine but she doesnt believe my story.


November 2nd

Getting ready to walk in the tavern.

walk in the tavern, grond grabs the bartender
we make a scene, i tell everyone int he bar im their new daddy
they tell me the grey ones are having a meeting downstairs

one guy is implicated, i punch him a few times since he pissed me off
because he knowingly worked with them for the tyrant
some big dude stepped to me he was a barbarian i fought with him
after 2 rounds he gave up.

another person stepped up
guy named Challek, hes an odd fellow
seems nice though
willing to bend the knee so i accepted him

took him and grond and tauren downstairs to kill the grey ones

found 3 gnolls, killed them all after questioning one
found 6 humans, killed 3, once killed himself took the other 2 to the gnome king
and had a chat with him

talked about the grey one situation,
hes going to do what he can
apologized for acting in his city,

went home told tauren to help chelleck find a place in our group

went home and talked with faith
told her the dealio if ya know what i mean

then went to irene and lorelei and had some R&R
fell asleep

woken up around 1am by grond telling me to get up adn get dressed
Kabal brought somethign to his attention


November 2nd we enter the city

a lot of stupid shit happened while i was gone
lorelei fell ill and lost her child
irene has gone missing
mathias, grond, and tauren were all imprisoned under faiths orders
the king was kind enough to put them under “house arrest” instead

faith sent kabal to look for irene is whats been said

faith explains it all as she is innocent
grond disrespected her infront of people so she imprisoned him

Got to speak with Mathias and grond and tauren, had grond and tauren take faith back home

as far as we know lorelei’s illness is natural, and irenes disappearance is a mystery

I did a bunch of detective work with kabal and weve tracked some a lead, the guild of grey ones

talked with a hobo gnome and he helped me contact someone that might lead me to the grey ones i followed grazen to what seemed like a little junktown, xumec is the guy hes talking me to

seems like a shanty town here
the mayor ends up telling me about the bar i saw earlier

i go to the bar but ont he wya am stopped by a metalsmith
he tries to sell me stuff, after talking with him something is wrong, i get information out of him
he is holding irene in his basement for the grey guys
i go downstairs and collect irene
learn that there are grey guys at the tavern so i send irene with kabal to safety and prepare to enter the tavern with my fucking boyz nigga


October 28th

We start out on the road.

We make some good time until we camp

that night before we camped we a man arrived named Zurain the noble.
he knwos of the sword of lorekai
he thinks i am on a pilgrammage to see the dragon of mount arble

Zuran says theres a legend that the young king anduin soul light will come back claim the sword and free humanity.

Ser Zurain paladin of Gerd god of justice swore a pledge to me only under Gerd

He told me that Anduin from long ago got a gift from the dragon of mount arble
Zurian left he said he had paladin shit to do. Told me he would try ot meet me at

Wake up October 29th

We travel without incident until

Wake up 1st November

We get to a river and have to break a tree to cross it, aurices horse dies before from exhaustion

we get ourselves and the cat across, we are very close to the mountain.

We ahve to camp one more time
Wake up 2nd November
At the base of the mountain

We enter a cave at the base and the entrance closes behind us
we traveled for an unknown amount of time.

We came upon a giant opening, there was a girl gnome with a staff waiting on a tree trunk smiling

Ungle says this is the land of arble

we saw a lot of weird flora and fauna as we traveled for a while
time seemed weird here
we came upon a portal and ungle told me to go in while she and aurice wait outside

I went through the portal and came into a large open chasm, from the bottom a giant dragon raised up to speak with me on m perch.

long ago when man was still new upon this world
there were some people that lived well they were learning
one of them, the first real human wizard Sisack was his name
he got curious that there was magic in the world and sensed that the gods used magic
and he sensed the other races, so he learned magic taught himself
he gained the interest of yanna and the other gods, as well as creatures like the dragon

he became a wizard and used it to help his people, but eventually the power corrupted him
he desired more power and saw the people as tools and underlings from that point on
he enslaved them and used his magic to force the people to bend to his will
this did unite the humans though thats 1 upside, though he was evil

eventually sisack came to the end of his power and he still wanted more
so he turned to the demon Zin and Zin promised him ancient power
sisack worshiped the demon and became his servant, and the demon became a god

but then one young boy, named anduin soulight rose up
he united the humans against sisack and zin,

there was a great smith that worked for zin and sisack as a prisoner
anduin saved the smith because he figured he could use the smith to make a sword that would kill zin anduins party met Zartan the second human wizard
zartan seems like a good guy
Theese three men forged a great weapon, the sword of lorekai
they brought the sword to the dragon and asked him to bless the sword
he breathed on it and thats how it became what it is know

a great battle was fought on the plains of aesir
after that he founded the kingdom of lorekai in that place
he named the river that after his wife who was pregnant with his first son
the city was founded and propserd anduin fought off many enemies and collected
many followers,
anduin was finnaly slain by a traitor placed there by sisack and zin
anduins son was 2 when he died the gods decided that his time wasnt up yet
he changed his name Merik, in the tongue it means humble one

He named his son Merek soul light
his dynasty continued on and made the kingdom great and powerful and civilized over time
when the last of the dynasty died off, it went downhill and now here we are.

the gods arranged for my previous life on another world to save me from zin and sisack
but i am the reincarnation of anduin soul light.
The gods decided humans needed me to save them before the they die out

The dragon says i have 3 tasks
1 locate the 3 keys of lorekai
the first key is in the ruins of the city,
the second is within your own people
the third is within the city of the tyrant

he gave me and opal and said when i get close to a key the opal is inform me and help me to find it, it glows when nearby
he says bring the 3 keys to him along with my sword to unlock the potential within it

long ago the swords power was split into keys and entrusted them to others
The dragon said that he will be watching me and says he might aid me somehow

When we got out, Urgle was able to teleport us back home to the gnomish city.


WAKE UP OCtober 27th

We awaken that morning without any more trouble.
We break up from Tauren and Adara and start heading towards the mountain

We come across a group of people, simple cottages
We head for the village to see whats up.
They were pretty put off by me. they told us to piss off pretty much
some old man saw my sword and said it was a relic, seemed like the same type of prophecy about Maarek from the centaur legends

Issak is the main guy that ive been talking to’s name
I tell them they should come join us in the summer in aesir
ismaar is the greate river than runs through lorekai, this village is called ismaar because its on off a tributary of the river they think the river is sacred and fertile, it fertilizes the whole land

Isaak eventually came back to me after deliberating with his council and elders of the village
they are about 20 longhouses strong, prolly around 100 people.

they told me to be wary of kaghan of the hill people
Grogan the kahgan of the hill peolple
is in the Ethelren hills
before mount arble

The spirit master gave me a place to stay in his home for the nnight

Wake up October 28th
We got back on the road.


Tauren and Aurice pulled me up after Adarra

Adarra doesnt have any memories of who she was before this happened
we started traveling back up while talking and ended up having to camp again before reaching the surface.

ITs October 26th right now as i awake

we travel all day and make it back to the surface.
we set up camp for the night

During taurens watch her heard some noise so i got up and went to see what it is
i found a man, he claimed to be human and it instantly made me think it was a bad guy
i kept poking at him and eventually found the cut he made had healed and that gave him away
he turned into a giant and attacked.

i killed him, aurice says it was an oni, we talkd for a bit then tried to get some rest
we will awaken


I picked up tauren and started walking his body, and aurice upstairs

I left aurice and Tauren in what i think is a safe place then continued upstairs.
I made my way upstairs until I came across the portal room, it looks like hes already left
I dont want to chase after him, im more concerned with saving the people that are still alive.

I broke the crystal and it started a chain reaction. It tore the tower down and drug it into the ground. all of us were healed by the magic that reacted to the tower being destroyed.

tauren was restored to life and got hits nuts back
jake and grimiah show back up and were all happy, seems like all the people probabley got shunted back home to where they were before.

i got jake and grimiah to take me to the portal so we can go back home because i still feel a urge to go after the dragon

said goodbye

We appear back in the grove and talk with sherbin, he pissess me off, tells me that grommek made a deal with the monster and gave up his life force to free his griffon freind

i told him to piss off and we headed after grommek, if hes dead i feel horrible so i want to pay him back somehow and he loves these woods so ill try to destroy the beast that threatens it.

Aurice Tauren and i start making our way down, it takes us a whole day traveling through caves following a trail that i think grommeck left for us

we camp and continue, find a deep chasm 150ft deep, i go down alone, at the bottom is another chasm but theres a path to take down, i keep moving. Come upon a bridge it looks like grommeck made, maybe he hoped i would come after him.

cross the bridge it felt nice, reminded me of grommeck when i crossed it

i entered the monters den it was draining the life force of some woman down there.
I was able to destroy the monster, and helped the woman her name is adara she was a hunter in the forest we were at. I explain what happened to her and start walking back to my companions.


Started slowly crossing this bridge, theres nothing but pitch black everywhere around me. The bridge continues for over 10 mins, i keep hearing noises around me like something is flying about or nearing to attacking me.

Another deamon appeared he was on the bridge, says he has a mutual contract with the wizard looks like he defends this place
after we fought i was able to cause him to declare his contract void and he left badly injured

eventually made it to the other side found another potion on a corpse then rested for a bit

there was a face on the wall
it said 30 wolves 28 chickens how many did not?

barely solved the riddle, i was talking with the door after and he claims he a door genie
i tried to brownnose him incase i see him again

i walked into the darkness ahead all the sudden i was sitting in a carraige
there are 2 men opposite of me, really nice carraige,
the 2 men are dressed louie the 14th sytle clothing, powdered wigs, rogue cheeks
friendly demeanor slightly uncaring
both slightly chubby, they have a bit of a family resemblence
the style of clothing is SOMEWHAT familiar, but not of my culture
alot more extra accessories and shit

Ure, and his brother Ure are the two of them
Fate and destiny are their names

They say they are pleased with me, hes looking through a book and says he knows im not on my own planet, says he knows we saved the world but destroyed a city

he says im one of the few chosen “phasms” that was actually approiate for them to use
they say that they will take me some time in the future to use again, said that they used me during the katarina situation.

all the sudden i was back in the cavern, i took a minute to collect myself
then continued on

i found a small grate that leads to turaxics dungeons
i entered and found myself in the oubilette
i made my way forward and found the way up, guarding it was a torturer dealing with a prisoner

i killed the torturer and cut loose the prisoner, told him to take the keys and free the others down here

there was a spider like man wandering the halls
i killed it and moved forward
found aurice and tauren in cells, tauren looks bad
i went to look for keys and found turaxic

we fought in the halls, tauren sacrificed hgimself trying to attack turaxic
turaxic was able to escape,
a bunch fo spider men attacked
i slaughtered them

i got arice out of the cage, she healed me


jake says they cant go any further
he says the fey queen and turaxic have a deal
fey shouldnt go after him or the queen might get pissed
i say fuck that im taking him out

jake warned me of carniverous spiders, spider guards, slave village the guy holds

jake gave me a dispel potion of some sort he said its powerful fey magic

jake and grimiah are going to come with me now

we first run into a giant spider holding a man in webbing
we killed the spider, it spoke to us threatened to call its friends but we won out before
we freed the man he is a slave from that place, he is going to help
took me to cave of eternal pain
its supposed to cause great pain but i think its made up

i enter the cave its small so grimiah and jake wont be following, plus the pain
its really tiny

make it to the end and there is a large chasm with a bridge
before i can step onto bridge a “pain demon” appears
it wracks me with pain but i resist and scare it off after a few blows
before i head across i find some stuff near a corpse
a ring, scroll case, potion 4d4+4

the ring has 3 charges, regains 1-3 every dawn
if you fail a dex save, use reaction to expend a charge and succeed

Getting ready to head over the chasm


Changed my mind, Im heading directly for Aurice as fast as possible

I travel as fast as I can heading for Aurice.
Rested for a few hours

Wake up October 22nd
Cat is getting tired hes not used to being pushed this hard.

Found some gnolls taking people to the tyrant under lock n chain
Was able to rescue the people.
I told them to head towards the gnomes
Traveled again until night time
Again took a few short hours for a rest

Early october 23rd
Traveled for another day
Found a man at some pillars he claims his daughter was taken by a illithid from the other side
i went in grabbed girl back out broke portal
seems to easy though,
sent them to gnomes

Wake up 24th
and find the clearing, everyone is gone
grommeck went into the cave to save his friend
aurice and tauren are missing, sherbin says someone took them he wont tell me because he is mad

He eventually agrees to help
Turaxic is the first word he speaks
Turaxic is a mage a spider lord wizard of webs

Shherbin took me to the portal to the fey wild, its where turaxic lives
He opened the portal, the fey wild is rediculous
trippy, really colorful, weird animals, huge animals
fascinating birds and flowers and blue sky perfect white clouds

met “jake” the fairy dragon he is nice, he says he will help me find turaxic since i tell him that i want to kill him he is happy to help because he hates him too

we met lady hootrina, she is a mugwowl a owl woman its fucking hilarious
she offers to help me but jake said we can handle it alone
he says its a good idea to not involve them because they are unpredictable

then another woman approached named kaleen she wants me
she wants me to mate with her, i say no i have to hurry to my friends
jake says dont tell her, he says him and his friends ditch her all the time
it was really weird i thought she was evil but didnt act so
we left her

then another woman appeared a “zamazonian”
looks like a elf/plant woman
she was threatening but not overly mean
she was cuprised when i said my name was merek
she repeated my name to other women in the woods they all seems amazed
eletina is her name, she looked over me and told the other women about me
i was weirded out she wanted me to go talk to the high preistess of herpeople
but i said i had to elave because my friends needs me quickly

we kept moving, jake is making us move really fast like magically teleporting us as we walk
i dont understand it, its weird

we arrive to a mushroom village with fey people small people living in it
we met a fairy woman there
the little woman spoke of someone named GRimiah she says he isnt feeling well
jake says he will so i follow him
the fairy womans name is sicily
grimiah is a horse with horns they cant seem to heal him
i notice a peice of something inside of her under the skin
it was a peice of “black iron” the fey say they cant sense it
and it kill them over time

Grimiah is thankful to me
her father was a great stallion to the beastlands he came to the fey wild
her mother was Orlie a well known unicorn, shes the only living hybrid of this kind known

Grimiah wants to help me and offers to come along

jake says someone is up ahead, an angel named titanus
he says flatter his ego and move on so that we can keep going
this place is fucking weird

we finnaley make it to the web wood


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