Ive regained my composure after being here for a while.
I remember the “merchant” that teleported me here says he is the Emerald Conclave

I take account of my possessions, I have a nice set of hunting clothing on
A satchel, little mess kit, just a bit of food, some bread, a little cured meat some wine and water
My bracers are on me though, they hold my armor. shield, and helmet
The only jewelry I have is a signet ring a gift from the dwarven king, and some homemade necklaces as gifts from my girls.
My daughter gave me a flower I still have.

I head for the road, its a nice paved road, leads past a tower along the lake.
Near the tower is a dock I see a man there a fisherman, he tells me to wait near the tower for my payment from the wizard. I dont know what hes talking about, but in my current predicament I want to talk to a wizard so I go for it.

At the tower I follow the fishermans advice, I ring the bell, after a minute a small man arrives at the door, hes balding ugly, The dude is weird, he feels my bicep, says it will work fine
hes very offputting, he tells me to ring the bell again when the others come, something about tribute or taxes, and punishing people. I go along I want to see what the hell is going on here now.

There are people coming this way, they look desperate they say that some people come here to get paid, some never make it back, but they need the coin for food. Lord Cedak is the owner of this region, he controls these people and taxes them. Im ready to see the lord and see what the heck is going on

I ring hte bell and the weird one answers again, he tellsd 3 people to leave and was going to strike her, I stop him then give the woman my food so she can feed her baby and tell them to leave. the man was going to attack me but the wizard stopped him from inside magically

the wizard tells him to let us in, we all go in and tis a larger place on the inside than it was from the outside. the wizard pays some people and they leave so now there are 2 males 2 females and me left

He takes us down some stairs it seems like its deep. We end up in a large room with a giant statue of a elephant headed monstrosity with tusks, 4 arms, bloated belly and a giant gem in the belly The wizard says thanks and then casts a spell, killing the people in the room with me, the gem pulled something from them. When the wizard realized it, I donned my armor and he attacked, He commanded the Statue to rise and attack me, sure enough it did.

Im able to destroy the statue by smashing the gem in its belly, the statue destroys the balcony the wizard is standing on and it ends up killing the wizard before teh statue is destroyed itsself. on my way out the weird dude from the front shows up again, hes distraught and tries to save his dead master i let him as i leave because this place is about to fall apart,. its like the magic keeping it together is imploding,

I find the man from before and headbutt him and open the door behind him, it holds a woman and her elderly father i free them and we barely make it out of the tower I help the old man and the woman back to their home village where i meet the elder, he thanks me and asks me to now confront Jarok the man employed by the dead wizard who is holding the taxes and food theyve taken from these people.

We get some villagers donkelys baskets and carts together and head towards the silos
supposdely jarok has some men by his side guarding the place. I think I can convince them to give the shit up.

The place is an enclosed compound, there are several storage silos outside this place. When we arrive they open the gate because i tell them i got a pass from the wizard, then once inside i tell them i killed the wizard and im gonna kill them if they dont give up the food
they have 3 men come at me i quickly dispatch them Jarok says he will kill the villagers if i dont leave, Im able to goad him into attacking me and tell the archers to beleive me that i killed the wizard and i will kill them if they dont do what i tell them.

I disarm Jarok, and tell the archers to lay down weapons and leave, they do. I then decide to execute Jarok because the elder tells me how horribel of a person he is. The people are grateful and let me stay with them for a little time, Speaking with the elder I learn of Zhord. The city of 1000 sins, Kyphon the wicked is the Arg (I think that means ruler)

I need to move on, I spend a few days helping people get stuff together and ghetting myself prepared to continue traveling, noone here is learned enough to help me figure out a way out of here, noones heard of the Emerald Conclade, Illl have to keep looking, the village here was known as Lakeside,

After I leave I heard some noises off the road, find a man dead against a tree, he had arrows in him, and in a hole nearby was a large trained dog with armor of the same type as the man, im able to hoist the dog out, the man is the owner the dog is sad, I look over the body, he has a potion, and a rock that is warm, when i say hearth it becomes a campfire, hearth again and it changes back. neat.

The dog ends up following me as i start heading for Zhord


ITs the middle of May Merek has arrived at the tyrants lair.

After a dire battle Merek slays the tyrant, he is able to escape and help people in the city
Merek leaves the tower after slaying the tyrant and wanders the city killing enemies and rounding up slaves
he soon musters a small slave army and meets the main armies
The tyrant is dragged out and the armies rejoice

Another year or so passes the city the tyrant held is going to be used as a trade city by all races

over the year merek marries aurice and faith, irene has another child
Irene has a daughter
Faith Aurice and Lorelei get pregnant again

Around June of another year My brothers and I are all out on a hunt.
I come upon a cottage int he woods and a man walks out from it
its one of the merchants from long ago that teleported me away before.

We talk for a bit when he makes it apparaent he is going to teleport me to a new planet again i tell him to fuck off but hes super powerful or quick or something because i black out and wake up on a new planet
2 suns a huge nearby moon
im on a grassy knoll at the edge of a lake
around the bend on the lake is a tower
theres also a road leading away nearby


7th December

Speaking with GEnerals and such as we head back to the hidden gnome city,
It takes a few days

Over the course of the winter the soldiers are integrated, suprisingly were able to sustain the population over the winter with the gnomes/dwarves/elves help.

The human army is led by General Arkel Tygon he was loyal to the wizard king.

The spring comes along We attempt to move humanity back to Aesir There are engineers and other skilled laborers amongst the humany army as well

For 2 years we establish farming/fishing communitys all around aesir, we also clear up a section of the city and establish a small city. The centaurs are extremely helpful my bond with vietchvikess is very lucrative i hope to repay him and his people somehow.

We have a dope villa built for me and ym favorite peoples.

Merek and his guerilla group[ of white savages are able to disrupt the supply lines of the tyrant

Kabal acting as my spymaster has uncovered some plots, weve gotten intel, and established sympathizers inside of the tyrants city

Weve won piutched battles against the tyrant and it seems merek has won the trust of the general

Weve set up a form of government here.

Irene give birth to twin daughters Helewise, and Lilly and shes pregnant again
Lorelei gave birth to a boy beast of a kid named Lorek
Faith gives birth to a daughter Syndra
Aurice gives birth to twin boys 1 minute after dawn Anduin and Rohn

2 Years later MAy 1st
Word arrives that the tyrant has stolen away the gnomish princess and her handmaidens which includes the the little girl i adore

Glanel a gnomish wizard arrives he says the gnomish king wants his daughter back obviousl
Glanel makes a proposal The armies will unite and we will march on the city
Outside the city as the armies set up gnomish wizards will be able to teleport merek into the tyrants lair for a final confrontation

three weeks pass The beginning of june we march on the city

The seige begins and as we set upon the walls the wizards teleport merek into the tower

I make my way through the top of the tower and enter the Tyrants lair.
The battle begins.


2nd december
go back home after all that shit

grond and tauren are waiting at my home
kabal and faith are there too, looks like grond and tauren were talking to faith
lorelei and irene are in the doorway

2nd december morning

aurice was taken during the night by a wizard gnoll it seems
teleported her off
left a note from the tyrant hes a fucking peice of cheating shit
using magic its a arms race now im gonna lose it.

next morning we prepare to talk about it
sarena arrived with aurice she says the mage appeared with her out in the wilds
while sarena was out hunting, shes slaughtered her guards and took aurice.

7th december
were underway on the airship heading for the mountain where the soldiers are.
made my way through the mountain and after a few trials i was able to get in and speak with the soldiers
first the captains and the general awoke.


Gunther met a small ogre that was in town kind of weird. HE seems nice, he says he got fired from his job because the owners wife says he stole a amulet. i told him to follow me for now

we go tot he gaycolande
enter and head to vip area and talk with grimdagger
he wants me to get a treasure for him and he tells me of Gaath a human with a bit of orc in

hes been seen around junk town, this is the dude thats gonna kill mathias.

Grenel is a female dwarf warrior i met at that club as well shes nice shes a warrior, she tries to seduce me but afterwards we have a nice conversation.

go to try to get gaath, and in the process he escapes and gunther is poisoned, he looks dead,
i go after Greer which is gunthers old employer it seems hes unknowingly working for the grey cloaks

greer killed himself, went to king he gave me some troops
we went and found gaath and took him prisoner

then we went to grimdagger he turned out to be a gnoll so i took him prisoner too


A couple of uneventful weeks pass.

The tribals are integrating well

First of december

Rilanan Elender Elven prince

Grombek of Buraki Clan Dwarven Jarl clan leader

Danel Filspark King of Gnomes

King Sureyed of the caitains.

Rilanan comes to visit me for some reason
he says an elven seer has information thats important to me.

Some time ago, during the last days of humanitys reign,
a neighboring petty kingdom Akarat. Negal the ruler of this regiona foresaw that humanity was crumbling He took 4000 educated soldiers, the best of his citizens and put them into stasis, however its unclear why but he died beforeeeeeee putting himself under as well.

These people are hidden in the “hydra caves” its said a hydra and its brood used to live there. Negals ancestor slew the caves and emptied them for his use.

after discussing with my companions ive decided im gonna go for it
mathias thinks theres something the elves arent telling me
why can my sword awaken those men

mathias introduces me to a man, looks well kept, Avered he is mathias’s nephew.
Averad is a young wizard.
Mathias wants him to lvie with us now because mathias sister (Avereds mother) died
Mathias tells me avered wants to live here and is willing to serve me.

Rilalan tells me at dinner that Kaiden is the general of the frozen soldiers and he is the wizard negals first and only son.
also tells me that a gnome named grimdagger says that there is an assasin in our camp that is gunning for Mathias.

I can find him at the gaycolanade its a quiet upscale brothel.
Rilanan lets me head out and i decide to go straight to grimdagger.


Just then a blink and im in the grass back with grond and kabal.

looks like my job there was finished.

Talk with a bunch of people sleep the night at aurices house

wake up in the morning, talk about more shit
go talk to mathias he gives me books to read and does a bunch of administration

the pearl i have turns faith into a rune its supposed to go into m weapon
but i cant do that so i hide the pearl after we talk through it

faith might literally be a intelligent magical item IE the rune
that fucks m head up

meet a woman mariel outside she wants me to go see her mistress
she is the cousin of the prince of elves
areatha is her name

talk with her
shes nice,
first she wants me to help humans not hold a grudge against the elves in the future.

now she is going to tell me the story of how the races all betrayed the humans
and why they feel guilty about hte whole situation.

lorekai once was powerful
other human kingdoms became jealous of lorekai
one kingdom was second to lorekai and was strong
they were very wealthy for some reason
elves and dwarves tensions began to mount for some reason
a dwarven king came to lorekai to get aid or help if there are any hostilities with elves

lorekai diplomatically refused to take sides on the situation
so dwarves went to another human kingdom Varia (the one we spoke of earlier)
dwarves allied with them


Were back on the frigate and head towards the battleship that saved us

it saved us and defeated the enemy battleship caused it to flee with heavy damage

im finding out that Quinson Cousland, carmens uncle is the captain of the ship
a commodore, they say he is very military and strict

i have the doc check out my wounds again

met with quinson hes pretty strict, locked down carmen for fucking things up
i try to tell him that we were trapped and it wasnt carmens fault
they has insider info that led the enemy to us
but because of carmens commander skills and my ability we were able to thwart their plans and get the weapon back

he decides after hearing that to hold on to the weapon in security instead of shipping it off like planned before.

i meat jaden i dont like him something about him is bad
he was supposed to take the weapon but now the commodore is switching things up and holding it here, i bet its because he found out that insider info stole the weapon
so hes trying to shake things up while he hunts down a mole.

i talked to jaden outside of carmens quarters hes lying through his teeth
as i get inside to talk to carmen i feel a pin prick on my finger that dude poisoned me
i black out as they are rushing me for a medical emergency

went to carmens quarters and found jaden in there he was holding her hostage,
i beat the shit out of him but only after he shot emerat
emerat might be OK, i leave carmen to go to the enginge room because jaden said it was sabotaged as a battleship is attacking.

i save the enginge room and it restores communication but the battleship has arrived and there are boarders

there is a series of fights as we repel the boarders, a very skilled fighter using energy weapons attacked me as well
rallied some troops and we pushed back the boarders

we head to the commodore as we can see the enemy battleship being destroyed this time instead of just retreating the commodore turned the battle around in the space as i did on foot. sounds like carmen and artemis were victorious in the fighter battles as well


We enter and slaughter a few guards/ techs in the cargo area. But the area has been deserted after the crew obviously surrendered.

we fought through the ship making our way to the prison cells, we busted everyone out but i was seperated with the doc and we made our way to a fighter

weve escaped the battleship now there is a pitch battle between the 2 battleships
(a friendly ship showed up and attacked the ship we were on giving us a chance to escape.)

during the battle before we could make it to the battleship we took a hit and ended up crash landing on a jungle type planet

there was soem beast like man at the ship he started talking to me in some language.
fought them off, it was a pitched battle followed by one coming to “negotiate” he wanted to take us prisoner so they could sacrifice us, but i killed him with a spear throw.


I start to see the effects of my wounds and no rest im crashing
they take me to a medical area and inject me with something that makes me fall asleep

i wake up feeling a lot better, its been 12 hours im healed with some weird gel and a woman named lindsey and the computer, its a golem of some sort

carmen tells me that her brother is docking with our ship his name is Artemis

we talk for a bit then get attacked by an enemy ship
they grapple our ship and bring it in

we are able to escape in a small fighter craft and bring the weapon with us
we stay on the side of the ship for a few hours then enter the cargo bay from outside
we used suits, my armor changed to adapt to the outside space enviornment.


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