Were back on the frigate and head towards the battleship that saved us

it saved us and defeated the enemy battleship caused it to flee with heavy damage

im finding out that Quinson Cousland, carmens uncle is the captain of the ship
a commodore, they say he is very military and strict

i have the doc check out my wounds again

met with quinson hes pretty strict, locked down carmen for fucking things up
i try to tell him that we were trapped and it wasnt carmens fault
they has insider info that led the enemy to us
but because of carmens commander skills and my ability we were able to thwart their plans and get the weapon back

he decides after hearing that to hold on to the weapon in security instead of shipping it off like planned before.

i meat jaden i dont like him something about him is bad
he was supposed to take the weapon but now the commodore is switching things up and holding it here, i bet its because he found out that insider info stole the weapon
so hes trying to shake things up while he hunts down a mole.

i talked to jaden outside of carmens quarters hes lying through his teeth
as i get inside to talk to carmen i feel a pin prick on my finger that dude poisoned me
i black out as they are rushing me for a medical emergency

went to carmens quarters and found jaden in there he was holding her hostage,
i beat the shit out of him but only after he shot emerat
emerat might be OK, i leave carmen to go to the enginge room because jaden said it was sabotaged as a battleship is attacking.

i save the enginge room and it restores communication but the battleship has arrived and there are boarders

there is a series of fights as we repel the boarders, a very skilled fighter using energy weapons attacked me as well
rallied some troops and we pushed back the boarders

we head to the commodore as we can see the enemy battleship being destroyed this time instead of just retreating the commodore turned the battle around in the space as i did on foot. sounds like carmen and artemis were victorious in the fighter battles as well


kathagitek akrippler

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