2nd december
go back home after all that shit

grond and tauren are waiting at my home
kabal and faith are there too, looks like grond and tauren were talking to faith
lorelei and irene are in the doorway

2nd december morning

aurice was taken during the night by a wizard gnoll it seems
teleported her off
left a note from the tyrant hes a fucking peice of cheating shit
using magic its a arms race now im gonna lose it.

next morning we prepare to talk about it
sarena arrived with aurice she says the mage appeared with her out in the wilds
while sarena was out hunting, shes slaughtered her guards and took aurice.

7th december
were underway on the airship heading for the mountain where the soldiers are.
made my way through the mountain and after a few trials i was able to get in and speak with the soldiers
first the captains and the general awoke.


kathagitek akrippler

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