WAKE UP OCtober 27th

We awaken that morning without any more trouble.
We break up from Tauren and Adara and start heading towards the mountain

We come across a group of people, simple cottages
We head for the village to see whats up.
They were pretty put off by me. they told us to piss off pretty much
some old man saw my sword and said it was a relic, seemed like the same type of prophecy about Maarek from the centaur legends

Issak is the main guy that ive been talking to’s name
I tell them they should come join us in the summer in aesir
ismaar is the greate river than runs through lorekai, this village is called ismaar because its on off a tributary of the river they think the river is sacred and fertile, it fertilizes the whole land

Isaak eventually came back to me after deliberating with his council and elders of the village
they are about 20 longhouses strong, prolly around 100 people.

they told me to be wary of kaghan of the hill people
Grogan the kahgan of the hill peolple
is in the Ethelren hills
before mount arble

The spirit master gave me a place to stay in his home for the nnight

Wake up October 28th
We got back on the road.


kathagitek akrippler

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