A couple of uneventful weeks pass.

The tribals are integrating well

First of december

Rilanan Elender Elven prince

Grombek of Buraki Clan Dwarven Jarl clan leader

Danel Filspark King of Gnomes

King Sureyed of the caitains.

Rilanan comes to visit me for some reason
he says an elven seer has information thats important to me.

Some time ago, during the last days of humanitys reign,
a neighboring petty kingdom Akarat. Negal the ruler of this regiona foresaw that humanity was crumbling He took 4000 educated soldiers, the best of his citizens and put them into stasis, however its unclear why but he died beforeeeeeee putting himself under as well.

These people are hidden in the “hydra caves” its said a hydra and its brood used to live there. Negals ancestor slew the caves and emptied them for his use.

after discussing with my companions ive decided im gonna go for it
mathias thinks theres something the elves arent telling me
why can my sword awaken those men

mathias introduces me to a man, looks well kept, Avered he is mathias’s nephew.
Averad is a young wizard.
Mathias wants him to lvie with us now because mathias sister (Avereds mother) died
Mathias tells me avered wants to live here and is willing to serve me.

Rilalan tells me at dinner that Kaiden is the general of the frozen soldiers and he is the wizard negals first and only son.
also tells me that a gnome named grimdagger says that there is an assasin in our camp that is gunning for Mathias.

I can find him at the gaycolanade its a quiet upscale brothel.
Rilanan lets me head out and i decide to go straight to grimdagger.


kathagitek akrippler

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