Gunther met a small ogre that was in town kind of weird. HE seems nice, he says he got fired from his job because the owners wife says he stole a amulet. i told him to follow me for now

we go tot he gaycolande
enter and head to vip area and talk with grimdagger
he wants me to get a treasure for him and he tells me of Gaath a human with a bit of orc in

hes been seen around junk town, this is the dude thats gonna kill mathias.

Grenel is a female dwarf warrior i met at that club as well shes nice shes a warrior, she tries to seduce me but afterwards we have a nice conversation.

go to try to get gaath, and in the process he escapes and gunther is poisoned, he looks dead,
i go after Greer which is gunthers old employer it seems hes unknowingly working for the grey cloaks

greer killed himself, went to king he gave me some troops
we went and found gaath and took him prisoner

then we went to grimdagger he turned out to be a gnoll so i took him prisoner too


kathagitek akrippler

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