7th December

Speaking with GEnerals and such as we head back to the hidden gnome city,
It takes a few days

Over the course of the winter the soldiers are integrated, suprisingly were able to sustain the population over the winter with the gnomes/dwarves/elves help.

The human army is led by General Arkel Tygon he was loyal to the wizard king.

The spring comes along We attempt to move humanity back to Aesir There are engineers and other skilled laborers amongst the humany army as well

For 2 years we establish farming/fishing communitys all around aesir, we also clear up a section of the city and establish a small city. The centaurs are extremely helpful my bond with vietchvikess is very lucrative i hope to repay him and his people somehow.

We have a dope villa built for me and ym favorite peoples.

Merek and his guerilla group[ of white savages are able to disrupt the supply lines of the tyrant

Kabal acting as my spymaster has uncovered some plots, weve gotten intel, and established sympathizers inside of the tyrants city

Weve won piutched battles against the tyrant and it seems merek has won the trust of the general

Weve set up a form of government here.

Irene give birth to twin daughters Helewise, and Lilly and shes pregnant again
Lorelei gave birth to a boy beast of a kid named Lorek
Faith gives birth to a daughter Syndra
Aurice gives birth to twin boys 1 minute after dawn Anduin and Rohn

2 Years later MAy 1st
Word arrives that the tyrant has stolen away the gnomish princess and her handmaidens which includes the the little girl i adore

Glanel a gnomish wizard arrives he says the gnomish king wants his daughter back obviousl
Glanel makes a proposal The armies will unite and we will march on the city
Outside the city as the armies set up gnomish wizards will be able to teleport merek into the tyrants lair for a final confrontation

three weeks pass The beginning of june we march on the city

The seige begins and as we set upon the walls the wizards teleport merek into the tower

I make my way through the top of the tower and enter the Tyrants lair.
The battle begins.


kathagitek akrippler

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